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Maxell 301


Coin cells, which are also called button cells, are small, round batteries that are commonly used in watches, toys, or keyless entry devices for cars. These Maxell coin cells have a silver oxide chemistry, and are mercury-free. This listing is for the Maxell 301 coin cell battery. The voltage of the Maxell 301 is 1.55V, and its capacity is 110mAh. The discharge current is 100mA. With the Maxell 301 coin cell, you get a flat discharge rate, which means that the voltage remains constant until the battery discharges itself.

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Technical details

Battery Size

301 / 386 / SR43W

Battery Capacity


Battery Chemistry

Silver Oxide

Battery Voltage


Battery Terminal Type

Battery Shelf Life

10 Years


Tear Strip



Country Of Origin



Associated Battery Sizes


  • Mercury-free
  • Flat discharge rate: voltage remains constant until battery discharges itself
  • Packs at least two times as much energy density as standard alkaline coin cellS
  • Specifically geared towards low-drain apparatuses like analog watches
  • Leak resistant processing prevents battery from leaking, an important safety feature

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